Uncommon Recovery Conference

Whether your addiction is to a substance, sex, food, or any other compulsive behavior, the Uncommon Recovery Conference equips you to live in the freedom that is the birthright of every child of God. If you desire to help others who are struggling with addiction, the Uncommon Recovery conference will equip you with Biblical truth that provides an understanding of core issues and the foundation of a Spirit-led helping approach.

Conference topics include:

  • Union with Christ through the cross and resurrection.
  • How to exchange compulsion for contentment.
  • The role of shame in addiction.
  • The Biblical Cycle of addiction.
  • Freedom from past hurts.
  • Handling emotions and old mindsets.
  • Dealing with deception through intimacy with God.
  • Freedom perspectives in your journey with God.

The format of the Uncommon Recovery Conference can be customized to meet the needs of your church or ministry. The conference is available in person at your host site or at our Knoxville, TN office. It is also available as a live webinar. In person and webinar events include a 1.5 day event (12 hours total) and a single day event (8 hours). I recommend the 1.5 day event. The single day event requires streamlined content but is offered to accommodate the needs of individual ministries.

An intensive eight-weak format, meeting once a week for eight hours as a live webinar, is also offered. This format offers distinct advantages. There is time to prayerfully process the truths presented in the conference as you journey with God from week-to-week. Also, the extended time frame can enhance fellowship and community among attendees.

We also offer an hour long introductory webinar to the Uncommon Recovery approach to addiction ministry entitled Addiction and Life.

Learn to live in the freedom of His glory and grace at the Uncommon Recovery Conference

To inquire about attending or hosting an Uncommon Recovery Conference event contact us using the form below.