Ministry Team Letter: Spring, 2019

Setting captives free, healing the broken-hearted, and giving sight to the blind–this is Jesus’ ministry (Luke 4:18). We are so thankful for all of you! It’s such a joy to do His work together for His glory.

Leis and I are settling in well here at G.F.I. and in our new Tennessee home. We are so blessed by God’s grace and generosity through His children. I’d like to share what Father has recently done, the ministry vision He’s given, and a couple of specific needs with you.

Ministry Highlights:

Don’s broadcast at IAM tv

Grace Fellowship International recovery ministry has a new blog, Uncommon Recovery. The blog is an interactive teaching and training tool to spread exchanged life, new covenant, grace-based recovery teaching in an online community. I encourage you to check it out, post comments, and share it via social media, Facebook and email.

On the Uncommon Recovery blog, you will find a page that has audio files of the studio produced video program Glimpses of Grace. Listeners have the option of downloading the file and listening at their convenience.

Our ministry office in Knoxville is open in Calvary Baptist Church. It is a great location right next to the University of Tennessee. Through this office, Leis and I hope to reach many who are hurting and in bondage.

In March we participated in the first of three yearly conferences and workshops held at the Pigeon Forge office. Twenty people attended from states throughout the U.S. and Canada. Dr. John Woodward and I co-taught. Additionally, Leis and I both counseled some attendees. God brought hope, healing, spiritual sight, and new-found freedom to many.

We’ve been counseling people locally and from out-of-state, and are busy developing recovery conference material focused on the power of Christ’s life.

Our Vision:

At Grace Fellowship International we are creating a cross-focused, resurrection empowered recovery ministry. With a laser-like focus on the power of the cross, we will offer those struggling with addiction uncommon hope and a Spirit-led means of recovery. Uncommon Recovery will be much more than the name of our blog. Uncommon Recovery will be the theme name of recovery material that will offer an exchanged-life alternative (or enhancement) to programs like Celebrate Recovery.

Our mission is to attack darkness with the full power of the cross. We believe that those struggling with addiction and compulsive patterns need to be introduced, very explicitly, to the relevance and power of Christ’s finished work.

Uncommon Recovery will not be just another Christian recovery program. It will reveal the wonder of what Jesus has done for the struggling through our co-crucifixion with Christ and union with Him.  The world is growing darker. Fear, compulsion, addiction, and death from addiction are destroying more lives. Our loving God is passionately moving against these forces. Together, we get to be a dynamic part of what He is doing.

Our Needs:

We need a ministry team consisting of prayer warriors, financial supporters, and those who can meet specific ministry needs. We need brothers and sisters whose hearts are moved into this victorious battle with darkness.

Prayer is essential. We firmly believe without prayer, we can do nothing. The enemy hates the teaching of identification with Christ and the application of the cross by grace. Although Satan is a formidable foe, he is no match for the Spirit of God working through His children. God’s Spirit is moving to call together a team of passionate prayer warriors to undergird Grace Fellowship International and the Uncommon Recovery mission. Through prayer, the Kingdom of God advance against our enemy!

We need financial supporters who feel the Spirit’s call to be a part of this ministry. As of this writing, Leis and I have only about 10% of the pledged ministry support needed to continue into the coming year (2020). One-time and periodic gifts enabled us to move to Tennessee and open the Knoxville office. We trust He will continue to provide by bringing together a monthly pledged support base. We trust Father and are not anxious about finances, but simply desire to share the need and opportunity with you.

God works through His people, and it will undoubtedly take a team working together, knowing that indeed we are a body called to accomplish His purpose.   If Father leads you to join in His work here or you would like more information, please feel free to contact me (Don) directly at 703-628-5989 or email dstevegfi@gmail.com. We appreciate all of you and welcome those whom God calls to minister together in Him!